About Us

We own a small family farm in Northeast Wisconsin. After many years of having poultry we tried many Do It Yourself methods to stop our chickens and ducks from wasting feed. We tried PVC drum feeders, different feeds, contraptions we found on the internet, etc. If you found us then you know what we are talking about. We spent A LOT of money and time on DIY solutions that didn’t work after a few years.

We grew annoyed with wasted feed, mice, rats, raccoons, coccidiosis, and DIY things that feel apart. We designed a better solution: lifetime, no DIY, no tools needed and new new feeder needed.

Fill Level | Zero Waste Feeder

We believe in supporting small businesses. As such, our mentor Kick Ash Basket, is our farm customer. We saw what they went through and how successful a small invention can be in solving problems. We contracted with Kick Ash Basket for help with design, production and fulfillment. We can not thank them enough for streamlining this effort. So, if you have a grill or smoker then head over to Kick Ash Basket to save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

For production we tried different companies but none of them gave us what we needed at a price that would make the product affordable. We decided on using a small business in India owned by an amazing family. They, painstakingly, hand weld every joint and stand behind their work. They use a hardened steel that is then galvanized to give longevity and cleanliness to the product. The finish matches most feeders as well – in case you have picky poultry.

Our three families thank you for supporting us. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us.

17 inch poultry feed saver with double rings | Poultry Feed Saver
14 Inch Feed Saver | Clean Coop™ Poultry Feedsaver ring

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