Instructions for using the Clean Coop™ Poultry Feedsaver

Step 1

Empty your feeder. The feed must be BELOW the Feedsaver ring elevation. This is best achieved by emptying the feeder.

Step 2

Adjust the height/depth of the pan. Use the hooks on the pan and connect them to the top most hole or slot. Try the top most hole first for a few days. If you have milled or ground feed you may need to set this to the middle position. Be conservative. If the feed ends up OVER the rings then empty the feeder and move the pan up a hole/slot.

Step 3

OR for milled/ground feed that doesn’t flow well then use the middle hole/slot.

Step 4

Install the ring. Slide it over the top with the hooks/curves facing downward.

Step 5

Fill the feeder but do NOT shake it unless absolutely necessary to get feed into the pan. If feed goes above the rings at this point then you must start over by emptying the feeder and raising the pan. A properly installed Feedsaver should look like this (click photo to enlarge):

Step 6

fill level

As long as the feed starts below the rings by at least an inch or more then it will stay at that level. The birds can reach toward the center to draw more feed out.

Your birds will spend MUCH less time at the feeder. They will no longer be able to play in their food. You will go through feed slower as there will be no waste. Rest assured that your birds are eating.

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