Troubleshooting Steps

My feed won’t flow

  • This is attributed to poor flowing feed – generally mash, ground or milled feed AND the humidity.
  • Some users shake the feeder as needed
  • Some have moved the pan to the lowest setting.
  • If feed gets above the Feedsaver then lift the device and set it back on top of the feed. The birds will still be inhibited from throwing feed to an extent.
  • With this type of feed we have seen drastic reductions in waste to zero waste depending on factors we can’t control.

My feed is still being wasted

  • Please, please follow the instructions first. Let the feeder get emptied, dump out the remnants (dust), raise the feed pan as shown in the instructions, then refill it part way. If it’s not full then it is easier to lower the pan incrementally without dumping feed.
  • Reset the Feedsaver on the pan. The feed may be MUCH lower in the pan than you are used to. This is OK./

My birds aren’t eating as much

  • They aren’t WASTING as much or playing as much. If they are not running to the feeder when you are there to beg for more food then they are indeed eating enough. You WILL go through feed slower.

My birds are favoring another feeder more

  • Remove the other feeder.
  • Buy more Feedsavers for all of your feeders.
  • Birds would prefer to play with their food. They will opt for an unrestricted feeder if one is available.

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