The Clean Coop™ Feedsaver for Galvanized Little Giant™ and Harris Farms™ 40# with 17″ pans.

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The only manufactured poultry feeder attachment that pays for itself in a month.   Installs in seconds and lasts forever (with normal use). This 17 inch model fits galvanized feeders with a 17″ diameter pan. Zero waste feeder.

  1. Empty the feeder if is not already empty.
  2. Place the feedsaver over the hopper and rest it on the pan. It is meant to fit a bit loosely.
  3. Raise the feed pan to the highest slot/hole. See instructions for more details.
  4. Fill the feeder but keep the feed BENEATH the feedsaver.
  5. Notice how much less feed you use, less waste you have, less time you spend mucking and less mice, rats and vermin are in your coops.
  6. Leave feedback! We are family owned in Wisconsin and want to do our best for you.
  7. Tell your friends!

Note: Poultry will favor any feeders with no restrictions (so they can play with their food). We highly recommend using the Clean Coop Poultry Feedsaver on all feeders or remove the other feeders that they have access to.

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × 2 in

Customer Reviews

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Nick M
Feed saver

Very happy works great been using for a week cut feed use in half

Melissa Wilkerson

The Clean Coop™ Feedsaver for Galvanized Little Giant™ and Harris Farms™ 40# with 17" pans.

Stacy M
Not a drop of waste. It's Amazing!

We use pelleted feed and crumble and have no waste at all anymore!

Gina M D
No more waste!

It stops the chickens from pecking and stops waste. Chickens easily eat out of it. In never comes off of the feeder. I highly recommend this product after 6 months of use!